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Dove-Building a Global Brand

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1) The benefits of that approach is that it will lead to an increase in sales because the products are made custom to what the people in that particular place want. So, that can only benefit Unilever. Some drawbacks, however, is that they would then have to continuously change their product(s) to suit the wants of their consumers, which entails a lot of work.

2) I think Unilever chose to move away from its local customization because first, their initial method caused their financial performance to suffer. They also wanted to portray a better message of beauty to women of all types. What made this feasible were the workshops, which led to projects and led to a lot of publicity. Their Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is really what sparked a multitude of attention.

3) I don't think Unilever could have pursued the same basic strategy 30 years ago simply because of the fact that the media didn't influence people's perception of beauty back then as it does now. Nowadays people turn to the media in order to keep up with what is accepted as beautiful. So in turn, the media now, is what has allowed Unilever to prosper.

4) Unilever tweaked the Dove campaign from nation to nation because it still has to conform to what it is a certain nation desires. The consumer behavior varies depending on where you are, therefore, people won't buy a certain product if it doesn't necessarily pertain to them in a certain way.



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