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Fields in the Criminal Justice System

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Up until March 2003, the United States Customs Service is a branch of the U.S. Federal Government that focuses on keeping all illegal the products outside of the U.S.'s borders. Now operations are divided into three components Office of Field Operations (O.F.O.), Office of Investigations or (O.I.), and the Air and Marine Branch. The Office of Field Operations deals with tax penalties and monitors and polices all international ports that are used to gain entry into the United States in an effort to stop contraband from being distributed within the U.S. borders.

The Air and Marine Branch, who works closely with the Office of Investigations unit, handles airborne and waterborne detection and elimination of smuggled contraband.

The Office of Investigations is made up of specialized divisions who investigate common types of crimes that are in regards to international affairs such as Financial, Narcotics, Strategic, Computer Forensics, and

Police officers work in partnership with the public and organisations to reduce crime and fear of crime. They are citizen-focused, responding to the needs of individuals and communities. Using the latest technology, police officers are trained to manage information and intelligence in order to secure successful court prosecutions.

Major priorities include: tackling antisocial behaviour/disorder; reducing burglary, vehicle theft, robbery and street-related crime; combating serious/organised crime; increasing the numbers of offences brought to justice; and countering terrorism

Police officers work in copperation with the public in an effort to reduce crime. Since this profession is very citizen-focused it is their responsibility ro respond the thre needs of the public. To enable them to do this they rely on their traiing, education, and experience to use some of the latest forms of technilogy



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