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Global and Local Marketing

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America" do not work in the International markets. General Motors is trying to get the world interested in the New Chevy Impala and 5 other new models by using the Find New roads. This new slogan's goal is to increase the sale of these 5 models in the global market. Success for General Motors in the global markets has been its brand loyalty. In Britain you can buy Vauxhall, a Chevrolet, a Saab, a Cadillac or a Hummer. (Pfanner, Eric 2008). On the Continent, you can trade in the Vauxhall for an Opel. In China you can purchase a Buick. In Dubai you can purchase a GMC. In Australia and New Zealand you can purchase a Holden. (Pfanner, Eric 2008). General Motors is using the brand approach to reach more customers and GM believes that will such a diverse global market you cannot reach and increase your customer base with just a single brand. For example in Eastern and Central market Chevrolet is being marketed towards entry level car buyers. Opels and Vauxhalls are marketed towards middle market customers with a trend towards more advanced technology. These are just two examples of how the regional strategy based on brands has allowed GM to increase its footprint in the Global Market. GM also used a regional marketing strategy in Europe when it sent a survey to several European markets asking them if they could own a Chevy what model they would choose. This regional strategy was called the Chevrolet Dream Garage. (Pfanner, 2008)

All forms of marketing strategies have their risk. Verizon's strategy of targeting teens and young adults could allow competitors to take away some of their middle aged and senior adults. Also strategies can be expensive and can be a failure. General Motors also has risks when using brands to target customers. This branding strategy, however, does not always work as designed. In the late 1970's GM partnered with Toyota to develop the Nova as a mid-size car that was affordable and reliable. The targeted market was Mexico and Spain. GM failed to realize that Nova in Spanish means "No Go" so the brand was only successful in the United States. Both of these businesses have used different marketing strategies to gain a bigger footprint in the global market. Each have risks and rewards and these strategies can be expensive. As each business can document if a marketing strategy can increase the customer base it is deemed a success. It is also important that each of these businesses



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