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People Should Not Pay for Public Transportation. Agree or Disagree?

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Essay Preview: People Should Not Pay for Public Transportation. Agree or Disagree?

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People should not pay for public transportation. Agree or disagree?

Public transportation is best choice for people who do not have their own transportation. I as a student uses a lot of public transportation and firmly believes that people do not have to pay for public transportation because of the purpose of public transportation, more people using public transportation, and

First of all, public transportation is made for anyone to use it. It was made for everyone to use it but because of the cost of it, some people cannot use public transportations. Cost of public transportation is not cheap if one uses public transportation for a long time. For example, in Korea, average fee for a bus is 1000 won which is about 1 dollar. Every time I ride the bus, I feel too expensive as 1000 won is not a cheap amount of money. If I do not ride the bus for few times, I can save a lot of money and buy things I want to buy. This is not a big deal for me but to people who really needs to save money buy use public transportation, they might feel overwhelmed. In Qingdao, the city I live right now has very cheap public transportation. It only costs 1 RMB but some people living here still says that they feel overwhelmed for the cost. The choice for these people are to walk and rarely use public transportation. It is ironical that public transportation which is made for anyone to use cannot be used by few people because of their cost. However, if public transportation becomes free, everyone can use it.

Next, if public transportation becomes free and do not charge any money, more people would use it. This might seem obvious but this can lead to all positive side effects. The biggest effect it will bring is to the atmosphere. In these days, global warming is one of the most serious problem. In cities, it is hard to see clear sky because of all the bad gases omitted from the cars and factories. If public transportation is free, people will try to use public transportation to save money and would not ride cars as often as they did before. If lots of people use public transportation, the gases omitted from the cars will decrease and would slow down the global warming. Also, city problems like traffic jams will be solved. For example, in my city, Qingdao, there are always traffic jams in certain places and in certain times and it is almost impossible to solve it. In order to solve the traffic jam, they should build one more line of the road or make another path. Both of the ways take a lot of time and money and the jams will be even more serious if one road is blocked. Traffic jams are caused by overflow of the cars. These cars are mostly individual’s cars and if these individuals use public transportation, traffic jams in the city would be solved.



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