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The Joys of Motherhood

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Essay Preview: The Joys of Motherhood

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Molly Bolt, in Rubyfruit Jungle, represents what it takes to become successful in a man's world. Although she possess character, she's beautiful, ambitious, and highly intelligent, she is labeled by her sexuality and the fact that she is a woman. In this essay I will, more closely, examine Molly's disadvantage of being a female in a male ruled society.

Molly, started out as a poor child in Pennsylvania, as if that wasn't enough of a set back, she soon discovers she is a bastard. As a young woman, Molly, demonstrates her very broad mind, and even her own adoptive mother is threatened by her.

You and your high and mighty ways, sailing in the house and out the house as you damn well please. You reading them books and puttin' on airs. You're a fine one to be snotty. Miss Ups, out there in the woods playing with his old dong. Well I got news for you, you little shitass, you think your so smart. You ain't so fine as you think you are, and you ain't mine neither. And I don't want you now that I know what your about.Wanna know who you are, smartypants? Your Ruby Drollinger's bastard, that's who you are. Now let's see you put your nose in the air.

Even with the odds stacked up against her, and her self esteem and worth probably a little damaged Molly keeps her eye on the prize. She realizes as a woman that she needs to work extra hard for the things men are handed.

When she is whisped off to Florida, Molly realizes she will have to use her wit and charm to fit in with the other students.

"I didn't mix with anyone. I knew I wasn't rich but then I wasn't walking around with little plastic clothespins on my collar like all the red-neck girls either" pg 61.



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